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Reverend Carol von Kaenel

Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant

Saratoga Springs, New York
518-584-4617 / 518-275-9986 (cell)

Choosing to get married is one of our most significant decisions.  Marriage is a deep and profound sharing of our most intimate selves.  Blending two lives into one is a sacred union, which deserves a very special celebration.

I would be honored to help you create a unique celebration that is a true reflection of who you are individually and as a couple.

Your wedding will be lovingly crafted to be as special and unique as the love you share.

Now join your hands,
and with your hands your hearts.

- Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part III

My Image

Reverend Carol von Kaenel
518-584-4617 / 518-275-9986